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People often neglect to thoroughly clean their spas and hot tubs and suffer the consequences of it in the form of infections and irritation. Spa owners with allergy-prone or sensitive skin often find themselves reacting to the chemicals in the spa cleaners, without even realizing it. Experts at The Natural Spa suggest using natural cleaning products. Artificial products tend to leave traces behind that can mix in with the water and corrupt it. On the other hand, natural products don’t cause reactions; and sometimes have properties that soothe and moisturize the skin.

Products manufactured by The Natural Spa have seaweed extracts in them. As seaweed is considered a highly effective natural cleanser, these products are efficient and will remove all kinds of dirt and build-up from your hot tub. There are two different spa cleaning chemicals offered by the company that work together to keep your spa clean and germ-free and here’s a brief description of them.

1. The Natural Purge

The Natural Purge should be a part of your yearly hot tub cleaning routine because it’s strong and effective. It’ll remove the most stubborn of dirt and debris from the pipes and pumps and ensure the fresh water you add to the tub won’t be corrupted. It’s absolutely essential to flush out the hot tub once or twice a year, depending on your use. This product helps eliminate everything that can damage your skin or cause problems. It’s very easy to use:

  • Purchase a full bottle of The Purge and empty it into the hot tub.
  • Let the formula work for five days before you empty the tub and replace the water.
  • Don’t use the tub during those 5 days the formula is working to clear the build-up.

The chemicals in The Natural Purge would automatically convert to natural enzymes when they come in contact with water and these enzymes will clean the tub over the course of five days. The new water you add to the tub would be entirely fresh and without dirt and grime from the previous soaks.

2. The Natural

This is a follow-up to the Purge and is a milder cleaning solution. It just works to remove any traces of harmful chemicals from the tub and makes it healthy to bathe in once again. This formula also contains seaweed extracts and other safe ingredients that would clean the tub without introducing any harmful chemicals to the water. This product is also very easy to use because all you need to do is pour the amount specified on the packaging into the hot tub and enjoy a relaxing bath.

This formula is highly effective but it’s also very mild. The presence of vitamins ensures it helps nourish the skin and keep it supple. You won’t face any allergic reactions from this solution as The Natural by The Natural Spa would make the water ideal for sensitive skin. The best part is that one bottle can easily last for three months so the product is very affordable.

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