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People often neglect to thoroughly clean their spas and hot tubs and suffer the consequences of it in the form of infections and irritation. Spa owners with allergy-prone or sensitive skin often find themselves reacting to the chemicals in the spa cleaners, without even realizing it. Experts at The Natural Spa suggest using natural cleaning products. Continue reading

Hot tubs and spas are meant to be tools that help you relax and soothe your muscles. However, if you don’t clean them well, they can cause a number of skin and health problems. If you diligently clean the tub and use good products, you won’t have to deal with allergic reactions, rashes, and other such issues. Continue reading

Spas can be very relaxing and have a positive effect on your health; in these times of excessive stress, it’s a good idea to regularly indulge in spa soaks and treatments. However, they need to be well-maintained. The body oils, skin cells, soap particles, and bath-salts build up over time and cause problems. Continue reading