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Spa & Hot Tub FAQs


  1. Why do I only have to change the hot tub water one time every years.
    The Vitamin E, glyceride and lanolin in the Natural are obsorded in the skin. Not allowing dry skin cells from defoliating from your body, which means solid matter is not building up in the hot tub water.
  2. Why do I need to change the hot tub water after one year.
    Hot tub water will eventually wear out. PH will no longer stabilize. Different bather habits cause different results. One year is an average, but recommended.
  3. Why is my hot tub water slightly green.
    The Natural is made from seaweed enzymes which have a green tint also if any trace of copper is present in water used it may precipitate a green tint.
  4. Why does my water smell like a pond.
    When bathers load have taxed a sanitizer and the Natural they make “off gas”. This off gas smell can be removed by adding a “shock” and additional sanitizer to the water in small amounts.


  1. Why do I need to purge a Hot tub. 
    Sanitizers and contaminates in hot water flow through small areas of plumbing hoses, pipes etc. They stick to the surfaces of these components. When this begins, additional contaminates build on this material. The Natural Purge cuts through this buildup to clean back to the original surface. By adding the Natural to the hot tub these surfaces will be coated and prevents further build up.
  2. How much National Purge is required.
    If you have been using the Natural for the last five years, one 16 oz bottle of the Natural Purge is needed. If the hot tub has been used more than 5 years without using the the Natural, two 16 ounces bottles of the Natural Purge is needed.
  3. How much do I need to run my hot tub when the Natural Purge is cleaning.
    First remove your filters and then circulate the water as much as possible. A minimum of 8 hours per day for 5 days is recommended.

First Filters

  1. Why do I need first filter in my hot tub.
    A First Filter is located at the skimmer intake on the return process to the pump system. At the water surface is where body oil, soap and lotions collect. The media of the first filter magnetizes the contaminates to its surface and stops their circulation through the system. First filters flat surface is very easy to clean and reinstall.
  2. How do I clean the staining from my first filter. 
    A good quality filter cleaner will remove the staining. Many times the stains are from metal deposits along with contaminates.
  3. Why must I replace my First Filter every 3 months.
    Even if your first filter appears to clean very well, it will also be collecting calcium which it is in the water. Calcium shows up while on the filter media, but is actually closing the pathway through the filter media.
  4. Why does my hot tub make a swirling noise around the First Filter.
    Generally this indicates that the First Filter is filling up with contaminates and should be thoroughly cleaned or replace.
  5. Why does my First Filter get so dirty. 
    This is the very best media to clean the smallest particles of water contaminated from the hot tub. You hot tub water is so much cleaner because it is collected on the First Filter. Just rinse it clean or try the dishwasher.

Spa Paw

  1. Why do I need a mitt to clean my hot tub.
    You do not want to add any cleaning products to the surface of your hot tub. They may get in the water and suds up. The Spa Paw magnetize surface contaminates to itself without the need for other cleaners. Just wipe over the surface and watch it work