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Owner Bio


My name is John Ritter and I am the owner of Eco Systems Distributing who distributes (and my company distributes) “The Natural”, “The Natural Purge”, “The First Filter” and “The Spa Paw”.

Being in the hot tub business for over 20 years, I’ve learned from my own store and other retailers that there are many customers with real concerns about solutions for hot tubs. Retailers would tell of times when their customers would show them red itchy dry skin that they believed came from chemicals they were using in their hot tubs.

In 1998 I developed and distributed, The Natural, a powerful and efficient formula that uses products like seaweed, lanolin and glycerin to leave skin conditioned and feeling smooth. Also that year I developed, The Natural Purge, a natural way to rid toxic build up inside of pipes and pumps of hot tubs. WITHOUT HARSH CHEMICALS.

In 2001, I started distributing the First Filter, an advanced easy to use filtering system for hot tubs. The First Filter attracts oil and lotions in the water to itself and does not leech them back into the water. No more dirty water for hot tubs. Anyone can use the First Filter; just lay it flat in the filter compartment of the hot tub. In 2004, because I wanted to have something to clean hot tubs I helped developed the Spa Paw, a sophisticated cleaning mitt for hot tubs and household use. No more waste of paper products and when you are through you just put it in the washer.

In today’s world we all need to be on The GREEN TEAM. Please come and join me.

John W Ritter