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19:10 16 Feb 20
Our dermatologist recommended The Natural to us years ago and we have faithfully used it ever since!I have many allergies and my husband is a diabetic, so we both have sensitive, itchy skin. The Natural makes it possible to enjoy our hot tub on a daily basis! We HIGHLY recommend it!!
Debbie Garrett
Debbie Garrett
16:00 05 Feb 20
I have been buying these products for several years! I can’t say enough good things about this product. Water is always sparkling, no odors, never drying or damaging to the skin. Water saving, only requires water replacement yearly. Makes maintaining your spa so simple!!Customer service is wonderful! Great personal attention! Orders have always been correct and arrived when promised.If you haven’t tried these products, do yourself a BIG favor and buy!
Paul Russell
Paul Russell
00:25 04 Feb 20
Just purchased my first hot tub last year - and a friend recommended this product... I'm now several months in and I love it. I have highly sensitive skin - so I have to be careful with products, soaps, detergents etc. I've been using my hot tub daily for several months with The Natural with no issues at all. Water is clear... no smell or slime - and no harsh chlorine to dry out and irritate my skin. When I set up the hot tub - I rinsed it well - drained - used the Natural purge - then drained and filled adding the Natural treatment - and it's been perfect. Now I'm just adding the Natural treatment every 3 months and it's doing it's job. I thought it sounded too good to be true - but I'm a believer - on the subscription plan for auto-delivery. Highly recommend!
Erik Lenzing
Erik Lenzing
04:05 03 Feb 20
Have been using The Natural for 10 years or so. Has been perfect for us. Water is comfortable and clean. Spa maintenance is minimal. Would not think of using anything else.
Beth Kunisch
Beth Kunisch
22:15 02 Feb 20
I love this system in our hot tub, especially noticeable when the jets are on. I always felt like i had a hard time breathing after a few minutes when we were using chlorine. And also don't feel like you have to rinse off right away. So much easier to maintain the tub as well, not having to worry about checking the chemical levels all the time. Also, their response time to questions, and customer service is excellent.
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Reviews & Testimonials

George S. February 16 2015 

Just add a bottle and enjoy. My wife and I use our tub about 4 nights a week, with little or no other products in our water. She loves to tell our friends that she never has to use skin lotion because of the spa water. The water never smells of chemicals, and the days of dry skin are gone.

Teresa M February 23 2015

I’ve been using The Natural for over 10 years. After checking in with John, I thought I should send this review. Back in the beginning I was always wanting to add something and test for problems. I was afraid that I wasn’t doing enough work to keep my water safe. After several weeks of calling Eco Systems and questioning everything I could think of, I started to relax. Wow 10 years I absolutely love my spa and especially my spa water.

Mary W. June 2015

My son was 3 when we first used our hot tub as family time. We didn’t dream he would immediately go under the water and came up with a big smile. After the shock of watching him go under water, then enjoy it so much, I realized we were in water treated with all natural products. I’m so grateful we had gotten the advise from our friends to trust and use The Natural. Oh my son just graduated for UCLA.

Anthony M. September 2015

I have been using your product for years and have found life in my spa so easy. I don’t deal with adjusting the water with boxes full of chemicals, and adding toxic ingredients daily. One bottle every 3 months and change the water every 12 months. I love it.

Kenneth B. November 2015

This stuff is great. I don’t have the weekly trips to the pool store because of more water problems. Meanwhile everyone that I know has got my recommendation to use Natural. Did I say this stuff is great.

Dale G. March 2016

Had some problem when I first used this product, found small white flakes floating in the water. After talking to one of your folks, found out I needed to Purge my 5 year old tub before using the natural. Since that time I try to follow directions and we’re happy.

Elizabeth K. April 2016

I have very sensitive skin, after many failed attempt with so many water products I was directed to your water conditioner, by a friend. Since I’m the only one using my hot tub, I only balance the PH and add a bottle of The Natural. We’re doing just fine. Thank You.

Bret B. May 2016

I live out of town and have a well, drought conditions mean less water for hot tubs. Since I only change the water one time a year, my continence doesn’t bother me. This is very important to me and I’m grateful for your product.

Brandon N. May 2016

This product has no smell, unlike chlorine and bromine. It keeps my water fresh, clean and clear. I tell all my friends about it.

Sharon M. July 2016

Highly recommend over any other chemicals. I’ve had very good success with it in the water. Since my tub was brand new the summer of 2010.

Joann G. September 2016

I have 12 grandchildren who have loved to swim in our hot tub, from babies just out of diapers. I have trusted this product for twenty two years, through three tubs. I can’t think of any other product that has earned my confidence as much, especially in hot water environments.

Robert B. October 2016

Had a very hard time trusting anything in my spa, after some very bad experiences. I almost gave up on your product, until I called your company to learn to just do some very simple steps. Now I’m happy I called. I get very good grades from my family on the care of my spa. Water quality is everything.

Linda from Texas

I was having a problem with terrible rashes. I went to the dermatologist. Nothing worked until I went to my local retainer who sells hot tub products. I was recommended to try the Natural in my Hot Tub. It Worked…No more rashes. I spend about an hour a day in the Hot Tub! It makes my skin feel soft. And what is nice too is that when you drain the hot tub, there is no harmful chemicals to hurt plants and animals around your tub or yard. That is important to me.

Larry from Marine

I had to write. I love the Natural because it makes my hot tub water and my body feel so fresh. When I was using chemicals in my hot tub they were build ups inside my hot tub. It looked like a film ring around the tub. When I started using the Natural, the Natural Purge and Spa Paw it slowly begin to disappear. I love these products.

Carol from New York

I can not say enough about the First Filter. Before I started using the First Filter a few years ago, I felt my hot tub was not clean. Something was wrong with the filters and I tried many different filters. The water was not being filtered correctly. You could see the dirt and debris in the water. However, after I started using the First Filter, I could see a difference. The hot tub water looked and felt good. I could actually see the dirt in the filter. The filter is small and easy to use. All you have to do to clean it is stick it in the dishwasher once a week and throw it away after three months. And you will always have fresh, safe, clear hot tub water.

Me and My cats

The Natural is an environment wonderful product. It is made of nature products like seaweed. My cats have drank the water and want more. It’s perfectly safe.