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The First Filter Original

The spa & hot tub filter is probably the most abused part of the spa & hot tub because it is asked to clean the water of dirt, soap, hair, body oil etc. The First Filter does just that and more. The First Filter is a ten-micron Polypropylene filter that magnetizes soaps, body oil, lotions, etc. from the surface of the spa & hot tub to itself and does not let them back into the water. That is right. The First Filter attracts anything and all things in the water to itself and does not leech them back into the water. The fabric that makes up the First Filter is similar to material used to contain oil spills from ships at sea. That is great for you and for the environment. The First Filter can be used for three months and then should be replaced. But within the three months, you notice the filter has debris on it all you have to do is rinse it with water and it is good to go.

Benefits of The First Filter

  • Easy to install just lay it in the filter compartment.
  • Small and flat in size. So small someone can put it in their carry bag.
  • Fast acting so there is no need for clarifiers, scum removers, cleaners or defoamers.
  • Cleaner water – Healthier for you – Traps oil and organic debris and doesn’t leech them back into the water
  • Low maintenance -Rinse weekly and replace every three months

Once you start using the First Filter you will never go to another filters. It works so well and it is so easy to use. The First Filter allows people who are on the goal and don’t have time for maintenance to do just that.