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Safe for the environment and Safe for you. Wouldn’t you love to RELAX in your Spa & Hot Tub and MOISTURIZE your skin at the same time. Or CLEAN your home without the worry of using harsh chemicals that harm the environment. If so, join EcoSystem’s True Green Team today.

Presented below is an overview of each product and what they can do for you and the environment.

The Natural

The Natural. An organic product that will clean your spa more effectively than harsh toxic chemicals – and it’s not only safer for the environment, it’s a conditioning beauty treatment with moisturizing Vitamin E.It cleans effectively through an all natural seaweed enzyme solution that is 100% bio-based – so you will get a cleaner spa, without releasing toxic chemicals in your yard

By eliminating common chemicals used to clean spas, like bromide and chlorine, The Natural eliminates those chemical odors in your spa – and eliminates that chemical smell on your skin.

It is 100% organic and is non-toxic to all living creatures and the environment

The Natural cleans scum, residue and balances the right pH in your spa – it removes that bathtub “ring” in your spa – all naturally!

The Natural’s unique enzymes prevent build-up of contamination and lubricates the moving parts in your tub.

It’s not only a cleaner treatment, The Natural conditions and softens your water, and has Vitamin E and glycerin – essential for beautiful skin. Your spa soaks will become beauty treatments as The Natural moisturizes your skin while you’re in your spa.

Natural Purge

A one-time application that cleans your plumbing system. The Natural Purge is a natural cleanser that rids your spa of contaminants, toxic build-ups and by-products left in your plumbing lines. It “purges” these chemicals out of your plumbing and will improve your pressure and flow. The Natural Purge is a one-time application to be used with the other products.

The Spa Paw

Made of New Age fabric that magnetically attaches itself to contaminants found on glass, plastic, acrylics, and metal surfaces, our Spa Paw is ideal for cleaning your spa. Plus, it removes soap residue on shower walls and glass doors. The Spa Paw removes the build-up on underwater surfaces of boats, jet skis, and other ocean and marine-based equipment. It’s the perfect tool for your home and play areas.

The First Filter

An advanced filter material which will clean out oils, lotions and other residue and remove these products from your spa water. Our Filter magnetizes this residue and creates a larger filtering surface that will leave your spa cleaner and your water safer. Like our other products, The Filter is natural and is a great complement to your new, natural spa environment.

Basket Pre-Filter

Great for any hot tub with 5 1/4″x3″ pre-filter skimmer basket
The Basket Pre Filter was originally designed to fit the original California Cooperage hot tubs by MAAX Spas and, of course, fits any hot tub using a 5 1/4 ” x 3″ pre-filter skimmer basket. While this filter will definitely fit the original hot tubs, the filter itself is cutting edge in filtration technology.

The latest amazing filtration technology
The charged filtration material literally pulls oils, soaps, and other suspended particles out of your hot tub water before they have the chance to reach your main filter. Discoloration occurs as contaminants are captured. Cleaning is as simple as…

LA Spas Filter Bag

This filter bag is used on LA Spa branded spas and hot tubs. There is only one size bag, for all model years using the Basket with the 3″ male threaded end.