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The Natural

The Natural is a completely natural and safe alternate to traditional Spa & Hot Tub care. The ingredients of this product include none of the harsh chemicals normally associated with spa & hot tub maintenance. The Natural is packed full of lanolin, vitamins and seaweed based enzymes. Enzymes are present in all living cells. Composed of proteins, their role is to catalyze biochemical reactions-reactions that occur naturally every day. The Natural is an enzyme solution, a powerful and efficient formula that will keep you spa & hot tub clean and healthy after continuous use in conjunction with ozone, iodizes, liquid ions or a non-chlorine shock. The enzymes of Bromine build-up is also a porous breeding ground bacteria that has not been killed and is difficult for The Nature to penetrate (but, it will get rid of it eventually). If The Natural manages to release a significant amount of this matter, you may in 3-6 weeks get a ‘pond smell’ to your water. This can be eliminated by adding another bottle of The Natural or by (heaven forbid) shocking the water with chlorine. But, either way, the water will right itself and you’ll continue to enjoy your spa & hot tub.

If you are using The Natural in a brand new spa & hot tub, we suggest cleaning the underside of the of the spa & hot tub cover with soap and water to eliminate any water through condensation. Such contamination may cause an unpleasant odor.

“The Natural” are positively charged to attract any oils, organic and by-products in your spa & hot tub. It then bonds to the contaminants and dissolves them away allowing them to be effortlessly filtered from your spa & hot tub water. It also softens the water and keeps minerals from building up along the water line effectively eliminating the spa & hot tub equivalent of “Bathtub ring”.

The Natural is made with seaweed, lanolin and other natural compounds as well as Vitamins C and D which contain skin conditioning properties. Frequent spa & hot tub use leaves all types of skin feeling soft and moisturized.

  • Gentle to skin and hair
  • Balances pH & Alkalinity
  • Moisturizes your skin with Natural Vitamin E
  • Improves the look and feel of you spa & hot tub water
  • Water so soft & clean you won’t feel the need to shower after using your spa & hot tub
  • So Economical – a purchase can last for three months
  • Conditions water for sensitive skin
  • Drain spa & hot tub water only once a year

With, The Natural, you just empty a bottle of it into you spa & hot tub water and enjoy the natural benefits for yourself, your water and the environment for up to three months.