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LA Spas Filter Bag With Drawstring

This filter bag is used on LA Spa branded spas and hot tubs. There is only one size bag, for all model years using the Basket with the 3″ male threaded end.

Introducing Drawstring Anchoring

Now with the easy to use drawstring, you can simply slide the filter bag in place and tie the string. Securing the filter in this way means no more rubber bands to snap, dry up and brake, or loose.

High Performance Design

Our bag is designed to fit properly, stay in place correctly and give maximum efficiency. From the highest quality Polypropylene fabric, high strength stitching, and use of a bottom catch shelf (designed to collect contaminates which may fall from the outside of the bag when water pressure through the bag is stopped). No filter made is more effective.

Proudly manufactured in the USA


Wash the filter bag in your washing machine, making sure to rinse the fabric free of soaps and other contaminates. You’ll see how effectively our fabric removes contaminates from the spa water. Clean the filter according to your needs to maintain the very best water quality.

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